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About us

Parkside Church of Christ is a church sharing life with Christwith each other, and with our community at the intersection of Detroit, Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights.


We believe that life-changing transformation occurs when God's life intersects with our life and the life of our neighborhood. For this reason, we aim to prioritize practices in which formation, fellowship, and mission intersect. To put it simply, we're convinced that--when we embrace opportunities to simultaneously embody our love for God, each other, and our neighborhood--amazing things happen.

We also believe that everyone is invited to join in God's life and love. Whether you're a life-long member of Parkside or someone who'd prefer to avoid church at all costs, there's a place for you to participate in what God is doing in our neighborhood. Each of the women and men below would be happy to welcome you and answer any questions!

our leadership:
Tony Amorose
Wayne Beason photo.jpg
Wayne Beason
dan corp picture.jpg
Dan Corp
Mark-Phelps picture.jpg
Carolyn Corp

Ministry Leader

Mark Phelps
Bob Jones
Jennifer Kaldobsky

Administrative Assistant

Anita Roosa

Ministry Leader

greg roosa photo.jpg
Greg Roosa

Ministry Leader

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