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Our vision to live and serve "with Christ, with each other, and with our community" is changing the way we think about church. It's not just a Sunday thing; it's an all-week partnership with God and our neighbors.

For this reason, most of our "Monday-Saturday" activities focus on joining in God's life in our community. 

You'll find a handful of examples below, but we're also eager to hear your ideas! If you've got a new way for us to join in what God's doing around here, please share it via the link at the bottom of this page!

Missional Small Groups

Weekly small groups of Christians and non-Christians reading the Bible together, sharing life together, and serving their community together.

WithYou Wellness Center

WithYou Wellness Center provides care and coaching in the Arabic, Chaldean, and English languages, walking with our neighbors--especially migrants and refugees--toward a whole and balanced life.

Community Activities

From park cleanups to block parties, we're eager to join in the life of our neighborhood as both hosts and guests. If you have an idea for how we might be deepen our participation in our particular place, let us know!

Kids Ministry

In addition to a fully-staffed nursery, Sunday morning Bible classes, and King's Kids (our children's worship program), Parkside offers a variety of intergenerational opportunities for kids and teens to join in the life of God. From serving meals to seniors, to participating in whole-family Bible studies, kids of all ages are welcomed as full participants in the life of our church and community.

ESL Conversation Groups

For an hour each week, volunteers meet up with adult students who are learning to speak English. In a fun, hospitable environment, students practice their language skills in an informal setting, sharing life and  laughter with new friends.

Farmers Market

On Fridays throughout the summer, Parkside hosts a tent at the Dearborn Farmers Market, passing out free water and selling handmade items on behalf of local non-profits--such as Zaman International and Mariners Inn. Join us in downtown Dearborn for an afternoon with Christ, with each other, and with our community!

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